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PF 2017

Merry Christmas and Successful New Year!


bioWES Workshop on 22.6.2016 in BIOCEV

We invite you to bioWES Workshop, which takes place on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 from 10.00 to 13.00 pm in the center BIOCEV in Vestec near Prague (Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center ...


Project bioWES

dataPartner together with the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice collaborated on the bioWES project . Above all, it was developed as a software platform for the management of experimental data and meta-data with the focus on reproducibility of experiments.   BioWes Procuct ...


Production Support

dataPartner Ltd. offers customers our own product, the Patriot® system. Patriot®  is a modular information system that can be configured and adapted according to the needs and wishes of the customer. The Patriot® system has been designed, produced and successfully ...



dataPartner Ltd. offers customers automated control systems from draft  to  end project, including  implementation. In the field of automation, we offer SCADA systems for visualization, monitoring and process control, data acquisition, building management systems, control systems for power, gas, water ...


Nuclear facilities

dataPartner Ltd. has collaborated for many years with research institutes and experts on nuclear facilities. We have successfully  implemented projects related with activities in companies with nuclear fields. The company offers nuclear facilities,  control systems and their implementation as ...


dataPartner, Ltd.

dataPartner Ltd. produces and implements Information and Control systems. The company offers high-quality software, hardware and industrial supplying the final technical solution in the framework of the integration of technological units. The scope of the company extends from the implementation of information systems to the automation of machines and production lines. The main objective is to support and help solve customers’  requirements effectively by using sets of tools, products, and services.

By using  high-quality software and reliable industrial hardware  dataPartner Ltd. is able to create advanced solutions based on the latest  technological knowledge and  background, gained through  cooperation with many local and foreign companies as well as  academic institutions. Our systems for production planning and monitoring are modular, allowing not only to provide a complete solution of industrial production issues, but also to focus on specific areas, according to the  customer’s current needs, with compliance of solution quality, reliability, stability and a reasonable price.


reliable and robust systems for continuous run applications

Product videos

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Využití RTX ve společnosti EATON

Společnost dataPartner s.r.o. pořádala odborný seminář na téma Platforma RTX RTOS – vysoce výkonné, spolehlivé a přesné REAL-TIME aplikace s...


Poděkování za návštěvu stánku na veletrhu AMPER

Vážení obchodní partneři a návštěvníci veletrhu, děkujeme Vám za návštěvu našeho stánku na veletrhu AMPER 2017 v Brně. Plně doufáme,...


Odborný seminář Platforma RTX

Společnost dataPartner s.r.o. pořádala odborný seminář Platforma RTX RTOS - vysoce výkonné, spolehlivé a přesné REAL-TIME aplikace s...



Společnost dataPartner s.r.o. se aktivně zúčastnila semináře IT V PRŮMYSLU (MES SYSTÉMY). Tento seminář se konal 21. března 2017 v rámci...



Společnost dataPartner s.r.o. se aktivně zúčastnila semináře ÚDRŽBA A DIAGNOSTIKA. Tento seminář se konal 23. března 2017 v rámci oficiálního...

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