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BRISK Tábor a.s.

„Our company has been cooperating with dataPartner for over 10 years, with the cooperation concerning specifically production management. Having jointly installed the PATRIOT system, we can now access a full range of production data and fully trace the OEE production. The functions and features offered by the PATRIOT system live up to the applicable standards and are open to further enhancing. Thanks to PATRIOT we could get rid of paper documents otherwise needed to trace our production and we have eliminated mistakes made by the operatives in writing and rewriting entries. Another tangible benefit rests in comprehensive information on each product accessible any time from any PC. The data thus collected are used to follow and evaluate statistical validity of manufacturing processes, to control production and to get the required feedback. The level of our cooperation is high and it also covers a full customer service. Each requirement has been fulfilled professionally and asap. There is not a single case on record, when our request would not be honored in good time and completed in a quality manner. That is why I can heartily recommend cooperation with dataPartner.“