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Virtual Reality Media, a.s.

Source of photo: archive ot the company Virtual Reality Media, a.s.


„The company of dataPartner, s.r.o. has been our reliable partner of long standing and our cooperation has reached a very satisfactory level. The company´s workers apply a professional approach and are interested in customers and their needs."


For a long time now our products put their RTX platform to good use as an add-on to the Windows  operational system.

The platform makes the real-time operational system functional in solutions used to generate vibrations;  to imitate overloading in simulators; and to precisely generate forces in the control elements of simulators.

Up to now, the platform has been applied in over ten products, e.g. professional simulators of aircraft, choppers and road vehicles."

Roman Knápek, Technical Manager, Virtual Reality Media, a.s.


The RTX application delivers these benefits:

- the possibility of controlling HW devices (shutters, vibrating seats and movable platforms) in real time using a PC with the Windows OS;

- more user-friendly environment;

- the possibility of using higher programming languages and standard development environments (C++, MS Visual Studio);

- the option of using  more complex controlling algorithms (floating decimal point arithmetic).