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System to manage subsidy entitlements 

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Statistic information system

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 System that meets exacting demands for data reliability & safety

Our programming experience greatly benefitted our own information system dedicated exclusively to the state and public administration. The system is designed to monitor the subsidy entitlements and the Statistic Information Program. The application´s architecture considers specific requirements of the state and public administration and ensures outstanding quality of entered data.

1. Minimal data error rate

Needless to say, data processed by the state and public administration have to be accurate, safe, easy to be analyzed and transferred to graphical outputs and/or printed documents. That is exactly what our application offers - and in a user-friendly environment. People using the tool will appreciate contextual help that will assist them in minimizing the error rate of data being entered.

2. We adhere to the EU data safety standards

We will take the users on a tour of the entire system and set their rights individually so that the confidential statistical data are duly protected. There is no need to stress that the database complies with the EU and IEA regulations and conforms also to the applicable standards.

3. Modular design and unlimited licensing

Fully customized modules of the application make it possible to monitor how the government contracts and tenders are handled. Following their life cycle, the modules can keep records and manage each such project from its start, throughout its lifetime, and until its final results are available. The number of users poses no problem - the license is in no way limited.

4. We reach beyond the zone of comfort

A useful feature of applications intended to serve the state administration is their versatility and generality. Still, we can step out of the comfort zone, promptly respond to any system changes and suggest options of enhancing and modifying the software.



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