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An on-line application

This web application has been created specifically to serve government agencies involved in the process of selecting, processing and keeping records of bids and projects in public tenders. The application consists of a public section, where different entities can submit their bids, and an internal section designed to serve the client´s staff.

1. Data pod šifrou

The system contains data on tenders, their assessments, interim and final reports, data concerning program campaigns and subsidized projects or also project-related financial data. No, the database of assessors and opponents in not missing... When filled in, the tenders can be simply uploaded to a server and the entire communication between the client and the server will be encrypted as the safety considerations require.

2. Modularity that knows no boundaries

Since the product is our own brainchild, the specialists we employ are able to create any module that the system may require. The currently available modules allow, for example, to assess the submitted project tenders handled by the Commission and the Program Board; to provide interim and final reports on project solutions; or to print the contracts and summaries of tender results, and to export statistical data.

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