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Downtimes quickly processed

Naturally, no operation can avoid meeting a smaller or a greater number of failures and/or process incidents. Such events bring about unplanned outages or downtimes attributable to a range of causes. The Fast Response System aims to provide an efficient set of procedures and algorithms able to quickly tackle any non-standard events and, still better, to preclude them.


1. The warning system will report any non-standard events

The application is governed by a simple scenario designed to immediately report and to promptly remedy any incidents emerging in operation. When a warning signal real-time announces a non-standard event, the system will keep records of how the defect is addressed and then it will notify the responsible persons. If the problem is not solved in good time, the information is reported to a higher level - from the operator up to the top management.     

2. Data neatly arranged on the screen

Both the operatives and the management can be very effectively and demonstrably informed about the emergence of monitored operational defects by visualizing the relevant data on LCD monitors and/or screens directly on the manufacturing premises. Data generated by the Fast Response System can be readily incorporated into the visualization of the ongoing production stage, i.e. the number of products completed; downtimes and their causes; supply shortages; and other characteristics.

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