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Maintenance does not have to be a humble servant to production

Many industrial plants perceive maintenance as their humble servant more spending than earning revenues. If the management, however, can govern the maintenance procedures in the proper and effective manner, maintenance might become one of the chief props of production. A specialized Patriot SW module offers substantial assistance in keeping the maintenance processes under control.

1. Overview of maintenance at a single click

Our system features a consistently modular design that makes it suitable for both small and large industrial plants. It can keep comprehensive records of facilities, process units, machines and equipment almost down to their "nuts & bolts". Apart from keeping the major records, the system will help you plan your maintenance and evaluate the costs it entails. Does the manager wish to get every morning an overview of maintenance actions carried out during the last shift, including the cost diagrams? We will give it to him/her... A single click of mouse will display data that the person may need to arrive at the smart decision.


2. Tailor-made maintenance

We are prepared to cover all the client´s needs and make our application a full turnkey delivery. We shall not be discouraged by your specific requirements for maintenance reports, diagrams and forms, since we are able to adjust our solution to the character of your production. Our software addresses preventive, predictive and after-failure maintenance. Because the structure of our application is really rich, with a host of maintenance objects, we offer a Guide which will help you find your way throughout the Patriot system. We know how to fit the monitoring systems onto machines and collect data with mobile means in the field or through automatic diagnostics. Your maintenance will thus be open to being managed both from the office and from the shopfloor - using a cell phone or a tablet.


3. Get to know the actual performance of your maintenance

Our "Maintenance Management" application is equipped with a unique add-on "Maintenance Benchmarking" module designed to embody the general principles of benchmarking, i.e. continuous systematic metering & monitoring of methods applied in one´s own operation and comparing them with those employed by competitors. Put otherwise, benchmarking should help you reveal your market position as compared with the major market players and enhance your competitive edge by better using your strengths and suppressing weaknesses. When properly evaluated, the information on your competitors will assist you in getting to know the actual performance of your maintenance and in strengthening your competitive advantages. For more visit www.benchmarkingudrzby.cz




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