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Effective monitoring of energies & media

The industrial operations, irrespective of their scope, have a common denominator: they are energy-intensive and consume much electricity, water, gas... A workable solution typically rests in effective monitoring of energies and media - it will result in reducing expenditures on the sources of energy and in generating significant financial savings.

1. Pay only for energy that you have really consumed

Applying our technical capabilities, we are able to enhance the Patriot information system so that it can also serve to manage the consumption of energy. We are prepared to trace the supplies of electricity, water, gas and pressurized air to your manufacturing premises and/or to monitor and flexibly control the operation of your machines and devices so as to optimize their consumption.
In doing so, we observe the applicable legislation and standards.


2. Virtual Power Room will manage your sources

Our virtual Power Room will manage your peak loads and monitor your consumption by tracing maximum quarter-hour and one-hour load peaks. We can provide data on the instantaneous and overall power input of your machines and equipment and/or swiftly respond to any power outages in production.

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