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The process of planning is an intricate mechanism

Proper planning of a job in consideration of available resources and capacities belongs to the greatest challenges of current production. The market is unusually volatile and fast changing - if the production fails to apply advanced procedures and planning systems, it can be easily outmuscled by fierce competitors.

For this reason the Patriot system comes up with a solution provided by the PowerPlan module. The application answers some key questions that each planner must ask every day: is the job deadline achievable? how much of material and human resources can be assigned to the job? how should the work be organized? how many products outputted during today´s shift will remain in store?

1. We build on the MRP II. method

The information core of the PowerPlan Patriot® module relies on the MRP II methodology (MRP for Manufacturing Resource Planning). The methodology considers the current condition and the capabilities of manufacturing and human resources, first and foremost the available time of machines and manufacturing premises. The module uses what is termed the backward planning wherein the dates of material delivery and the starting dates of individual operations are fixed beforehand so as to meet the required deadlines. The application can  also take care of forward planning and set the deadline in its own right.

2. Dependable guide through the process of planning

Benefiting from its SW architecture, the application can be easily coupled with the processes of production monitoring and maintenance management; it can convey the latest information on in-process products kept in store and the available capacities. You will thus be presented, as if on a tray, a comparison of what is planned with what has actually been achieved. With the procedure under way, you will be better able to keep your job under control, cut costs, get rid of overtimes and reduce unplanned deliveries.

The PowerPlan system will steer you on the curvy road from preparing  the job, accepting the order and bringing the job to completion.

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