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Welding administration will cease to be a nightmare

If the process of welding is to meet what the applicable legislation requires, it must be in-detail recorded and documented. We have taken this painstaking job upon ourselves. Having studied the relevant standards, we are now able to control the job full range, and choose a suitable welder for each specific weld.

1. Welding records under control

The application will allow you to keep track of welds, welding  procedures, welders and the already accomplished jobs. In addition, the  software might alert you in good time to the fact that a welder´s certificate or a confirmation of physical fitness are near the end of their validity. Our pre-defined forms will save the Process Dept. loads of time.  

2. Audit preparedness

The Patriot Welding Process will certainly be a trump card in the process of auditing - the application will find and present all the related records quickly and easily. Renewal of professional certification will no longer be such an onerous task.

3. Modularity on demand

Each user may enhance the basic version of the application by adding a plug-in module to suit his own character of production and the types of weldments. Feel free to choose a material - we make no difference between welding steel structures or aluminum balconies. The norms have been selected to suit both the manufacturers of steel structures and the suppliers of rail vehicles. Check the application by activating the demo-version: for an entire month you can handle you own job "on a tentative basis". For more visit www.weldingprocess.eu


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