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QMS will make your projects neatly organized, cheaper and shorter

Sticking to standards and regulations has never been easier. Make your company a better performer.


To assure quality and make it documentable, the QMS system targets particularly:

1. Meeting and documenting the standards of quality

The system will allow you to construct a clear and easily referenced scenario of different activities aimed to document quality. When constructed, the scenario will keep a track of pre-defined deadlines while maintaining all relationships.

2. Specifying and hierarchizing requirements

The system will help you to specify requirements and establish their hierarchy (higher / lower level of importance). Each requirement will be associated with a plan defining processes, procedures and sources to be employed in fulfilling the requirements. Thanks to the possibility of cloning, each requirement can be reused.

3. Keeping records of related documents

Each project, requirement and/or activity can be associated with their related documentation. The documents thus associated can then be any time displayed or removed. If so required, a list of the documents can be generated whenever needed.

4. Notifying the involved users

Each involved user will be notified by the system of his own projects or requirements in case, for example, a deadline is approaching or an important change has been done. If so needed, a notification can be created manually in the system and sent off to a specific user. 


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Frequently asked questions

Will the system allow following a defined workflow?

The system relies on processes pre-defined in templates. The operatives will thus only follow the workflow specified beforehand. At the same time the system will see to it that the operator does not depart from the pre-defined workflow, and it will prompt the person whenever he/she will work with requirements.



Does the system keep the user roles in memory?

The system allows for several user roles. Some are already implemented (e.g. roles for a project team) while others can be created arbitrarily as the company may need.


Existuje pevná vazba mezi jednotlivými činnostmi?

While defining processes, the system makes it possible to establish links among specific activities (it will not allow the subsequent activity to start before the preceding one has been completed) and/or to specify conditions to be met before the activity can be considered finished.


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