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System that will make power management effective

To operate the power system of a plant in an economical, reliable and environment-friendly way while meeting all power needs of its system - this is a task (and sometimes a nightmare) of on-site power engineers.

1. We will help you find the right way

As a seasoned team of developers, programmers and engineers we will be happy to enrich our portfolio and find a proper solution to all your needs and requirements. Our systems of control, measuring and monitoring power usage have been proven up to the task in woodworking industry and other industrial operations.

2. What can we monitor?

We are experienced in governing generators and monitoring physical & chemical characteristics of power transformers. In addition, we supply equipment designed to enhance the effectivity of power transmission. We perform jobs aimed to control island operations of power systems and an inseparable part of our deliveries is a long time of their servicing.

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