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Electronics at a time of technology challenges

The branch of Instrumentation Electronics & Electrical Engineering rises steeply up on the wave of Industry 4.0. Implementing our own projects, we saw quite clearly how much the deliveries of specialized electronics could impact the effectiveness of production.

1. Tailor-made electronics

We run own research laboratory fitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation for development and testing. We design, develop and implement customized solutions for a spectrum of industries, incl. nuclear technology. We purchase materials from proven suppliers and boast a team of seasoned experts.

2. Electronic equipment for reactors

Our company supplies safety and protective equipment for research nuclear reactors operated here and abroad. We have designed and developed instrumentation used to measure the neutron flux and currently we are engaged in developing a spectrum analyzer of ionizing radiation inside nuclear reactors. We are conversant with nuclear legislation and meet the relevant European standards.

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