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Dependable and robust systems for smooth running of applications

For more than 20 years we have been active in the supply and implementation of information and control technologies. We offer high-quality software, industrial hardware supplies and final technical solutions in the integration of technological units. We produce information systems and automate machines and production lines.

We co-operate with both commercial and academic subjects and, together with them, we create advanced solutions based on the latest technical knowledge and based on good theoretical background. We use our own or purchased products in order to achieve optimal results and high technical standards, while respecting the criteria of quality, stability and favorable prices.

We rely on modularity and complexity in the planning and monitoring of production. We perceive customers' needs while respecting the quality of solutions, reliability, stability and favorable prices.

Since 1998, we have been the sole distributor of the real-time operating system of the American company PharLap Incorporation for Central and Eastern Europe. RTX also uses our team of programmers to develop and implement their own control systems. Our key product is the proprietary PATRIOT® information system as a platform for the promotion of industrial production and the DisCO® software product for real-time control, process control and SCADA systems.

We have built and certified a quality management system for customer deliveries according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and we are an active member of professional associations.


















                    Certificate holders ISO 9001:2015 CERT_QMS_dataPartner_en







Come & share in our projects

Our jobs are widely diversified - covering state administration, science and  research, they reach as far as highly-specialized areas of nuclear power. We are innovative in approach, complex in scope, and ready to do more than just steer the course of your production. These claims are best supported by references from major market players.

Our team is ever growing. Come to grow with us!

Do you feel attracted? Let us make personal acquaintances.

We are keen to communicate, to design, innovate and seek solutions. Straightforward in our deal-ings, we "build bridges on sound foundations".