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Senovážné nám. 241/15
370 01 Budweis, Tschechische Republic



Reception: +420 380 420 111
Sales: +420 380 420 140



E-mail: kontakt@datapartner.eu
E-mail: sales@datapartner.eu





Zákaznická podpora

Customer support

Information systems: +420 607 661 411
 Control systems: +420 724 379 539
Hardware servicing: +420 724 379 538

Controlled requirements for servicing send please through
the tickets and the HelpDesk application

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dataPartner s.r.o.

with registered office at Senovážné nám. 241/15, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Incorporation No. (IČO): 25178636 
Taxation No. (DIČ): CZ25178636

data box No.: t34x6im

The firm was incorporated in Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in České Budějovice on 1. 7. 1998, Section C, Entry 8081

Come & share in our projects

Our jobs are widely diversified - covering state administration, science and  research, they reach as far as highly-specialized areas of nuclear power. We are innovative in approach, complex in scope, and ready to do more than just steer the course of your production. These claims are best supported by references from major market players.

Our team is ever growing. Come to grow with us!

Do you feel attracted? Let us make personal acquaintances.

We are keen to communicate, to design, innovate and seek solutions. Straightforward in our deal-ings, we "build bridges on sound foundations".