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Automation shall rule the industry

Automation is a process now typical of the newly emerging  trends in Industry 4.0. Acting in synergy with robotization, automation will soon reshape the character of industrial operations. Even now many a manual operation is open to automation - let´s mention package handling or packing and/or assembling jobs.

1. Do you have to grapple with labor shortage?

Supporting robotization and automation, we help to counter capacity problems, expedite production and keep it in check. We boost production safety and product quality, excluding any faulty pieces.

2. Automation of production lines

We have an expertise in designing, developing, programming and supplying automated equipment for production lines, incl. safety systems and/or handling robots. We can control special-purpose machines or deliver devices for explosion hazardous environments. Our experience covers the deliveries of support systems designed to enhance production effectiveness and allows us to govern the production fast and efficiently with reliance on the Fast Response Systems.

3. Focused on system reliability

Great emphasis is placed on reliability of our systems, so that they satisfy requirements stipulated in the relevant standards and acts of legislation - in the area of safety particularly those of the ČSN EN ISO 12100 and ČSN IEC 61508 series of standards.


Follow  the current trend of digitization & automation „Industry 4.0"!

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