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Metering  operational processes

We can supply a complex new system or perform just a minor adjustment, or possibly upgrade or expand your current equipment. Speedy, accurate and dependable metering, scanning and control of industrial processes will guarantee a higher level of production safety, quality and user comfort.

1. We cooperate with industrial leaders

Our designers, programmers and engineers develop and implement PC and PLC systems running on the Siemens, Wago and National Instruments Labview platforms. We simply heap our customers  with comprehensive services - starting with the feasibility study through design, delivery, assembly, testing and putting into operation, a finishing with long-term post-guarantee servicing.

2. No industry is unmanageable for us

We stand ready to supply a diverse range of systems without preferring any special industry. Our applications - test benches, to give one example - may be encountered primarily in the automotive industry. The Instrumentation & Control (I&C) systems do their duty dependably in foundries and glassworks. We deliver systems used for metrology verification, and know how to control air-conditioning units. As regards our more ambitious projects, we can mention vast SCADA systems with HMIs included.

Klienti využívající náš systém

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We are keen to communicate, to design, innovate and seek solutions. Straightforward in our deal-ings, we "build bridges on sound foundations".