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Keeping track of production parameters

Proper monitoring  of production will require continuous tracing of production parameters in real time. Data collected and analyzed by sophisticated technologies can be processed by the Patriot modular solution on line. You will thus be able of monitoring your production from almost anywhere and quickly responding to the newly emerging problems.


1. Collecting data from machines in real time is the basis

The data concentrators we use allow us to gather data from individual machines and/or entire production lines. Your Production Dept. will thus be given current information on production; number of products; number of rejected pieces and downtimes (using a touch screen, the operator may even specify their causes).

2. Delivering accomplished jobs using bar codes

Collecting data through bar codes and their subsequent downloading through shopfloor terminals help the operators to avoid mistakes possibly introduced in making manual entries or in manually populating the pre-defined forms. The deliveries of manufacturing operations will thus be fast and precise and the relevant data can be transferred directly to the ERP system.

3. The product´s „birth certificate“ will tell you whatever you may need to know

Another beneficial part of the application is the Traceability module. At a time when special attention is paid to effectiveness, to quality and the best use of machinery, your Production Dept. will have readily available comprehensive records on the product; on its different parts; the level of its working; and the materials applied, incl. the historical data.

4. Key parameters to meet your wishes

The customers may have the key production parameters reported as they are evaluated by the operation. Providing accurate and easily referenced figures, we can update you on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) indicator; the level of in-process jobs; and a multitude of other process data.

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