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Visualizing - on the road to right decisions

When making decisions on production, the speed of getting into the picture is golden. Directly on the premises you are given data that may be worth a fortune. Does your process require an LCD TV set,
a terminal or rather the ANDON table? Leave it to us - we will develop the application and procure any visualizing means needed.


1. On-line reporting at your fingertips

Definitions of displayed process data and parameters are "cooked exclusively in the kitchen" of every operation premises. What package of visualization data is offered? The typically visualized items are: the number of pieces being manufactured in individual shifts; line downtimes and their causes; current conditions of different machines; whether or not a machine is defective; whether it is routinely maintained; and what time remains before an operation is completed so that the subsequent one can commence...

2. No time to hesitate

Visualization will become a hallmark of your state-of-the-art  operations, and it will bring you hosts of other benefits. Any threats, downtimes and missing  materials for the job at hand can be addressed without much hesitation. Timely information available at a terminal or info-panel, or through your smartphone or tablet, can improve your operations and generate more effective decisions.

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