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bioWES - a platform for experimental data and metadata administration

The bioWES information system is intended to administer experimental data and metadata and thus support experimental work. The system governs data collection and processing up to the stage of their sharing and visualization, and its protocol is easy to design. The bioWES is applied in labs and research projects.


1. High repeatability of experiments

Experiments are repeatable thanks to their full description and to using tools for administering experimental data. The relevant concept relies on an electronic protocol wherein the data and a comprehensive description of experimental conditions are available at one place. The repeatability is enhanced by the modular design supported by the possibility of visualizing the protocol development and the string of data processing. This arrangement precludes the loss of data and know-how, particularly in long-time experiments.

2. Responsive web design

The protocols and data can also be accessed through web interface and mobile applications without compromising the high safety of data achieved by user authorization and authentication. Experimental activities can thus be performed not only in the lab but also directly in the field. The system is designed to cooperate also with phones and tablets.

3. Data visualizing, processing and evaluating modules

Specialized modules can satisfy a spectrum of requirements specific for a given experimental workstation. The bioWES system supports data of all types, and the system´s modules offer an insight into specific data formats.

4. Communication with metering devices; automation of data processing

The template of the bioWES electronic protocol can use pre-defined plug-ins through which the system communicates with metering instruments and downloads information on their settings directly to the template, without having to fill it in manually. The specialized plug-ins and modules take care of the automated data processing and their feeding back to the system. The plug-ins can be created to address special needs of each user separately.

5. Support to standardization

The system supports standardization of scientific terminology and of the entire experiment description. It can download the established terminology in the form of ontology from web portals - the interpretation will then be correct and uniform.

6. Cost cutting

The system reduces redundant work and shortens the time of the whole data administration process. Using experimental data and results jointly with their descriptions and storing them in a shared repository will diminish the need of repeating identical and/or similar experiments.

7. Visualizing the process of metering & data processing

It will present an overall picture of the experimental work.



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Clients using our system

Ing. Petr Císař Ph.D.


Systém je využíván od roku 2014 jako testovací pracoviště, které spolupracuje na jeho vylepšování. Díky systému bioWES je možné dohledat informace o měřených a zpracovaných datech, což zefektivňuje celý výzkum a zajišťuje reprodukovatelnost výsledků. 



Ing. Petr Císař Ph.D.

Proděkan pro rozvoj, ředitel Ústavu komplexních systémů

Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích , Fakulta rybářství a ochrany vod


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Frequently asked questions

Who is a potential user of the system?

An independent worker who needs a tool for administering data yielded by his/her experiments.
A lab which needs a system wherein the staff will cooperate, standardize terminology and manage experimental data. A project whose researchers have to cooperate and publish non-classified data and their descriptions. A university that wants a uniform tool for describing experimental data, their storing, publishing and controlled sharing.


How does the system work?

bioWES is software that can be installed to own data repository. The users will then administer their data and metadata on dedicated accounts. Everything is stored in standard Microsoft databases (MS SQL server) and can be accessed through access points and/or defined interfaces. The system is open to also other functionalities added to it through modules and plug-ins. This solution can find application in archiving data and cooperating with colleagues outside the organization.

Can the system be tried free of charge?

Full trial version of the system can be downloaded for free www.biowes.org. We are ready to initiate the trial version on your premises so that it performs a specific task of yours.

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